Building A Predictable Pipeline to Grow Your Business

You Need a Scalable, Repeatable and Predictable

"Sales Pipeline"

Quantum Business Solutions specializes in helping business executives and owners create their very own "Sales Machine"

to eliminate the inconsistent and uncontrollable sales results that have plagued organizations. 

Step One: Understand the current People, Processes and Technology leveraged today

Step Two: Create a Modern Go-To-Market Strategy

Step Three: Systemize, Optimize and Automate your Ideal Go-To-Market Strategy

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Make The Leap And Book With Our CEO Shawn Peterson Today!

Shawn works with organizations to bring a "fresh perspective and modern solutions" to the most challenging revenue growth issues. 

As a long-time executive he began searching for solutions to fix age-old problems and frustrations he faced at points throughout his career:

  • Lack of leads
  • Sales rep turnover
  • Improved conversion
  • Marketing & sales misalignment
  • Training & developing sales champions
  • Leveraging data

If you have faced these problems, Shawn empathizes and can bring you the solutions. Book today:

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How It Works

Quantum's Growth Model

Quantum believes in understanding the entire RevGen cycle to truly understand where to optimize conversion rates and leverage resources to create "Quantum Growth"! 

The five Key-Areas are:

  • Target - Data
  • Attract - Marketing 
  • Nurture - Business Development
  • Convert - Sales
  • Wow - Client Success


The Path To A Thriving & Profit-Producing Sales Team

Here are the solutions we offer to best help your business Modern RevGen and Stop Missing Opportunity:

RevOps as a Service

Shawn's CEO-level insight will help you align your marketing, sales, and customer service teams, build sales processes that scale, optimize your customer experience and plan for the future. Quantum believes in accountability and data.

Sales as a Service

Quantum's "Sales as a Service" will unlock a Predictable Pipeline and scale your company today!

Let us Book more Meetings and Fill Your Calendar so you can close more deals!

Tech Stack Integration

Stop Selling like it is 1998. There are resources to blast through old records!

We make it easy for your outbound sales team to do more in less time by helping you implement sales software such as Hubspot, ZoomInfo and ConnectandSell