A breakdown of what goes into these
4-weeks and what you'll get out of it.

What does it look like?

4 one-hour weekly meetings with Quantum’s Executive Team and your key stakeholders to do a deep dive into your organization in the following six areas:

  1. Organizational Insights
  2. Data
  3. Marketing
  4. Development
  5. Sales
  6. Client Success
How do I know it will work for me?

After a deep dive into your organization, Quantum will then provide findings and insights to create a WIN-WIN scope of work with clearly defined goals, expectations, and built-in accountability for all parties.

We understand you must see a positive return on investment for all decisions in your organization. We will baseline Key Performance Indicators and each team will be responsible for clearly defined outcomes.

What deliverables will be included?

Upon completion of the Assessment, you will receive the following deliverables:

  1. Quantum’s Sales Hiring Playbook
  2. Quantum’s Prospecting Playbook
  3. Quantum’s Go-to-Market Playbook
  4. Additional Reference Materials & Resources
  5. Demos on Relevant Sales and Marketing Automation Tools & Software
  6. A Draft of a Core Process Map for your organization
  7. Free Tips & Tricks
  8. A Go-Forward Plan that includes a Statement of Work with Detailed Recommendations

How It Works

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4 Week Assessment

Over a 4-week Assessment, with the input of your leadership team, we will identify key priorities and develop an action plan to implement improvements for the biggest areas of opportunity or need for your organization.

Each organization is unique. Our recommendations, solutions, and deliverables will be customized to meet the unique needs of your Business.


Customized Game Plan

Receive your custom Game Plan outlining detailed information for key areas impacting revenue generation for your organization based off the learnings during the 4 week assessment.

In addition to the Game Plan Checklist, includes a customized Prospecting Playbook, a customized Sales Hiring Playbook, a Marketing Plan template, baseline of KPIs for key areas impacting revenue generation, ROI calculator and more.

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CRO Services Launched

KPIs will be completed and reviewed on a monthly basis to determine progress, areas that need attention, and to determine ROI resulting from Quantum's CRO Program.

Including (but not limited to): 

  • Innovative and creative approaches to maximize revenue Research on tools and best practices for revenue generation and sales automation tools
  • Customized program materials
  • Draft of action plans to identify and address agreed upon priority issues
  • Guidance and resources
  • Assistance with technology tools we recommend
  • Project Management
  • Accessibility via phone, text, and email Special projects as needed and agreed up
  • Responsibility for deadlines and results
  • Open and honest communication
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Access to Exclusive Programs and Events

Quantum's corporate client team members will be provided with FREE access and enrollment to Quantum's group programs and events. The following are already on the roadmap for 2022, and included in this offer:

  • Sales Training Bootcamps Webinars
  • LinkedIn Events
  • Weekly HubSpot User Groups Weekly
  • Group Sales Coaching CRO Certification Program

The 3 Go-To-Market Program Packages

Tell Me

This package is perfect for someone who has the resources and the time to execute a GTM strategy but needs help with the strategy piece.

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Show Me

This package is a good fit if you have the resources, but maybe not the bandwidth and need more hands-on help with creating and implementing a GTM strategy.

Learn more

Do It For Me

This package is the right choice if you don't have the resources or the bandwidth, and want to work collaboratively, but need us to execute and implement a GTM strategy for your business.

Learn more

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