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Hubspot academy's agency unfiltered
Book 20 Meetings a Day with C-Suite Contacts via Cold Outreach

Walks through the sales machine that Shawn Peterson, CEO of Quantum Business Solutions, built that has led to scalable, repeatable, and predictable results for his business and his clients. On their best day, Quantum booked 20 meetings with c-suite contacts via cold outreach—with his team’s best months including over 100 meetings booked. To understand how we start the tech stack he uses (including software like Kennected, ConnectAndSell, and ZoomInfo). Shawn walks us through each, including the data that pipes into HubSpot, what he’s able to automate with each data set, and how it allows him to successfully book meetings. We then move over to how this sales pipeline tech stack has manifested itself in client engagements as well—and how he pitches, prices, and replicates what works for Quantum for his clients.

Selling from the Heart
How Technology Can Help You Sell From the Heart with Shawn Peterson

In the rapidly emerging world of automation and artificial intelligence, sometimes it can feel like relationships are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Sales automation expert, Shawn Peterson, believes the opposite is true. In this conversation, you’ll discover how automation and AI actually empower relationships. You’ll learn why developing authentic relationships and bringing meaningful value are critical. You’ll also find new ideas to leverage technology to develop inspirational experiences.

bootstrappers for ENTREPRENEURS
Increasing Your Profits

We all want to grow our businesses, but how to attract and close the right clients can mystify even the best business people. In this episode, Shawn discusses how to design your revenue pipeline for maximum profits. Shawn shares insights into how to align your teams to one vision, and build processes that will scale your sales, and future growth.

Learn how to increase profits by managing your revenue pipeline better. 

Sales Growth - Business Black Belts
Business Black Belts
Founder & CEO of Quantum Business Solutions on Sales Growth