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Funnel to Flywheel: The Buyer’s Journey Is Now a Circle


The flywheel is a model adapted by HubSpot to explain the momentum you gain when you align your entire organization around delivering a remarkable customer experience. With the flywheel, you use the momentum of your happy customers to drive referrals and repeat sales. Basically, your business keeps spinning, you align your entire organization around delivering a remarkable customer experience, and continuously produce happy customers. When you use the inbound methodology as a foundation, the three phases of your flywheel are attract, engage, and delight. By applying force to these three phases, you can provide an amazing customer experience.

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Here's How We Can Help You With Sales Through Quantum's And Grant Cardone's World-Class Sales Training

Sales Speaking or Meeting!

Quantum's team will speak for or run a Sales Meeting for your organization or group!

Our Energy, Insights and Enthusiasm will leave your group fired up and ready to grow their business!

Just $2,497

On-Going Sales Training and Coaching for Individuals

Quantum will provide:

  • A Weekly Group Sales Coaching Call
  • Access To All Recordings of Previous Calls
  • Our Exclusive Sales Playbook
  • Weekly Sales Tips & Tricks

Only $197 p/mo

On-Going Sales Training and Coaching for Businesses

Quantum will work with your team on a regular ongoing basis. We strategically assess and customize our Sales Coaching for your team.

Only $4,997 p/mo

Tired of Missing Sales?

Quantum Business Solutions is the premier Sales Training and Coaching Solution for Modern RevGen and overall Sales Velocity.

Let's talk about how we could leverage Quantum to help your team "Make The Leap!"

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